Mobius String

I learnd this one from the TopMod Forum. You should definitely check it out if you are interested in TopMod.

So this one is on how to create a Mobius String

We start with a Cube

Use the Cubical Extrude Mode to extrude 2 Faces of the Cube

Do it again, so that you get 2 Cubes at the end.

Select all Edges which are not on these 2 Cubes and delete them.

Now use the “Add Handle” Tool to connect the top of the Cubes. Take care that you get a nice Arc.

Delete the 2 Cubes

And add another handle on the bottom of the first

Press Space and typ: Doo Sabin and select the Doo Sabin Remeshing Mode

Hit it!

Go to Selection for Select Face Loop

Select 2 Loops…

… and use the Ring Modeling Thickness Mode

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