Jen’s Bulged Waffle

1. I created the surface from a 400mm x 400mm plane. Using the curve points, I pulled them up to create a possible fruit bowl when turned upside down or it can be used as some sort of storage.

2. I baked the 3D ribs of the surface to check whether the struts all fit into one another. I tried a different shape previously but some curvatures were too steep so the strut had to be made in 2 pieces instead of the 1 piece of strut.

Image of initial surface. I wanted to create a stool for a child but the curvature of the surface proved too difficult for Grasshopper.

3. Exported layout of cutting profiles from Rhino to Illustrator.

4. Watching the laser cutter doing its job!

5. Finished Laser Cutting.

6. Close up view of the etched writing on the laser cut struts.

7. Removing the cutted struts from the MDF sheet.

8. The hollowed MDF sheet looks awesome! I also did a few other cuts to make the most of the MDF sheet. Waste not!

As I was assembling and glueing the ‘Bulge’, I was stressing out to finish it before the Medium Picnic. Because I was rushing I ended up snapping and breaking a whole corner!!! The rest of the glued struts were already glued tightly to each other so when I tried pulling them apart, it snapped some corners!

I don’t have an image of it because I was too upset to take a photo of my failed work. So I have to start over!!! Luckily it’s dued next week!


This is the part where I snapped my Bulgy! It damaged one whole corner!!!


Here’s the overall view of the damaged Bulge!



After having assembled one already, I’ve figured the best way to assemble this waffle is to do the frames first. i.e. assemble the border/outside in. This gives it some structure first so as you are assembling it, it won’t fall apart.

Just a close up of the etched text.

Assembling work area with the damaged waffle.

After 2 in a half hours of assembling it and making sure the glue is clean, I’VE COMPLETED IT!!!!!

The Bulge from above.



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