The Waffle part 2

The Waffle part 2

Laura Black

After completing the laser cutter tutorial I came back into uni with a 900mm X 600mm 3mm thick sheet of plywood into which I was going to be cutting my struts to make my model of my waffle. It was very nerve racking using the laser cutter for the first time, as I was not sure how it was going to turn out and unfortunately the day that I cut my struts was one day that the laser cutter was being rather temperamental and was not etching properly and therefore the strut names on my model have been mostly cut right through the ply wood,

Once I had finished using the laser cutter I then took my plywood sheet with all my struts now nicely cut out, home so that I could begin the construction of the model.

I began with the X struts with the 1st and the 15th Y strut to create the basic frame and secured them with PVA glue, then I left the model over night so the glue would dry before I continued with the Y struts.

The next morning when I went to start with the Y struts I encountered a problem  as I had by mistake stuck the 15th X strut the wrong way round thus setting the whole model off slightly so that some of the Y struts didn’t fit, so I had to carefully break apart the 15th X strut from the rest of the model and glue it back the other way around. However I did manage to break a few of the struts in the process., but once I had stuck these back together and let them dry I was able to finish the model and glue all the struts together and over all I am happy with the end result.

I really enjoyed this project and really liked being introduced to new computer programs like Rhino and Grasshopper as well as new equipment like the laser cutters. I am really looking forward to seeing all the classes waffles put together at the end of the project!

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