Pendant design


This project was inspired by jess’ pendant, which I supposed was based on triangular shape. We were introduced top mod program in this class. It was pretty tough and hard to manage it because it is different from rhino.

First of all, we were told to play and get familiar with topmod, so we can design incredible jewellery which has an inhabited space inside the pendant if we take a picture in it.

Before I do this design, I played around with Top Mod, so we can get familiar with it.

So, here is the first step before my final outcome.

I chose a triangular shape as a basic shape before it became a design.

then i start to extrude it with a constant measurement as you can see on the picture.

after you have extrude it, delate the edge one by one until the shape on the end revealedto stand alone.

until it looks like this….then we can start create another mesh and combine it until it looks like the image belowthen i started to play by adding handles on the surface again.

(tips for you: if you want to make it to have a twist effect, when you want to add handle, and it told you to select a corner on a surface, you should select an opposite corner from the next surface)

after i finished my pre-final shape, I started to look for the detailing effects which is on that program, and i chose the wire construction.

then REMESH IT…my favourite one is 4 conversion- Catmult Clark.

then, save it in OBJ. file and open it in Rhino.

before it can be say as a ready-to-print model, we should unweld it. Type ‘Checkmesh’ to check if the mesh really perfect or not. if it said perfect we can continue on the next step, if not, we should check the mesh manually wheather it has a hole on the mesh.

The next step if the mesh is perfect is to save it into stl file, and then open it in magics program, it’s a program for 3D printing.

if it’s all checked then you are done!!! it’s ready to be 3D-print!!

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