the folly: phoebe

This week began by playing around on Topmod… creating shapes, extruding surafaces and creating loops and links.  The last piece we created was a smooth, undulating surface so I decided this week would be the opposite.  Triangle time!

Playing around in Topmod going horribly wrong… an explosion of triangles.

Experimenting with meshes…

Experimenting too much with meshes…  there is no chance I could print this on the 3D printers or get a mesh like this so be accepted by magics.

I decided that doing something simple was probably the best option…

Fixing meshes and scaling the shape in Rhino.

This will become a jewellery piece… hopefully an earring if shapeways accepts the miniature scale.

I cut back and cut into my final podwerprint object many times, in an attempt to give it a definate sense of interior and allow it to act as a habitable space.

Final shape accepted by magics! YAY!

Jewellery piece accepted by magics!!

over and out.


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