In communications class, we are learning how to make a waffle using the laser cutter. We use the software Rhino to create the waffle.

Step one: In Rhino we were given a parameter of 400 x 400 to make a groovy shaped waffle.

The points within the square a movable. The outer points shouldn’t be moved because when you get finally make the waffle, you need the corners to be level and connect together. Pull the points up and down to create waves within the waffle.

After i made the waves/ curves in my waffle, using the plug-in grasshopper I baked the components so that ribs would appear on my rhino screen. ribs give the you the appearance of what the waffle will look like.

After they were baked when then made an area 600×900 to place the ribs into. Before doing this, you have to put each X axes label and Y axes labels on the correct ribs. Then Put your name on one of the ribs. Grouping the names with the ribs, you drag them onto your selected 600×900 space. You then import this file to Adobe Illustrator. create different layers, one for etching of the labels and names and one for the cutting of the plywood while in the laser cutter.

Once you have your ribs cut out, before touching the plywood and its pieces, i placed masking tape along the wood so that, it’s easier to take out of the laser cutter.

I assembled my waffle using PVA glue and let it stand over night.

slotting the x- axis ribs within the y-axis ribs was a little tricky becuase you had to make sure each slot had been locked into as tightly as possible, this cave the model much better stability

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