Folly & Resin Pendent

For the 3D modeling we had to use a software called TopMod. In the software there are several shapes you can begin with to start you shape. The assignment was to construct a shape that could be the size of building and would have the function of a Folly. and one other shape that had to be the size of a small piece of jewelery .

after I created the shape I wanted I had to import the file into Rhino. To scale the object twice. (One scale for the Folly and one scale for the Jewelry size).In TopMod, when i finished my shape I saved the file as a obj

The square box that is around my shape is only a guide to scale it to the appropriate size which is 100x100mm. Then I made another version of this object only in a smaller scale which had to fit in a box of 40x40mm.I then shaded my object to give it a surface and an appearance.

After I did this I checked the mesh so see if Rhino thought it was a good mesh.

Now that Rhino has checked its structure, its important to double-check the mesh in another program call ‘Magics’ to make sure no unwanted holes are found in the object. To do this I saved the Rhino file as a stl. file

Because i used this shape in two different types of scales I know that the mesh check in Magics will be the same for both.

Once i had my folly and pendent quoted i made rendered images to give an approximate appearance as to what they would look like.

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