The God Head Three in One

This design was not only affected by Jess_in’s pendant’s, which is minimal surface created by mathematically simulating soap film on a knot wire. However, I also from the Holy Bible, The Trinity God, which this ruby pendant is representing The God Head Three in One: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The organic DNA-chain-like is a things that God use to create our identity, the red colour of the Ruby is representing the blood of Jesus who died for us on the cross and make the way for us to the Father, which the reason that I make this triangular design linking each others. (I beg a pardon if this is too religious, but this is where my idea comes from).

This whole idea came out as I played with TopMod program that we downloaded from this blog, which i have shown you on my past post about the introduction of Top Mod.

Ruby pendant

If only i have a lot of money, i would told that person to craft this for me.

prespective view

Ruby pendant interior

I also want this to be built on a public space.

architectural scale

in architectural scale


(the person on the right hand side was just testing the ground, whether the gravity is good or not or the ground is stable or not…that’s why he was jumping…lol)

One thought on “The God Head Three in One

  1. Looking good Felix, but please lose the religious references – we all know how TopMod works now, and we know they aren’t DNA chains you’ve created there.

    This isn’t a design class, there’s no need to post-justify what you create. It’s ok to say “I did this because I’m learning a new software program”, or “I did it cause this geometry looks good / has interesting formal and spatial things happening in it.”

    And just so you know, my pendant isn’t triangular – it’s a minimal surface created by mathematically simulating soap film on a knot wire:

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