3D Printing

To get to the stage of 3D printing can be a long process!

Once you have a model I was happy with in Top Mod,

 you then have to open it in Rhino. This is fairly straight forward as Rhino can read the Top Mod files.

In Rhino you can scale your object and if you want to, cut it up and change it further. If you do change it however, before exporting it to Magics, you will have to turn it back into a mesh.

Below is my model that I edited in Rhino when it has been re-meshed

This photo shows the model with people of the right scale of 1:50

I got the model to the stage where Rhino said it was a good mesh and Magics was almost happy with it too before speaking to Jess when we decided it would be best to just try and print the model un-edited.

So I went through the process of checking the un-edited model to make sure it was at the right scale, was a good mesh and that magics was happy with it too.

I am at the stage where I have sent the checked .stl file off to get a quote on how much it will cost to print in the powder printer.

I also used the same model and scaled it down to send off to shapeways to print in a plastic as a smaller scale of less than half the size of the powder print model.

I was hoping to print the smaller model in metal, however the minimum wall thickness for stainless steel is at least 3 times the size of the minimum thickness for plastic.

Fingers crossed everything will run smoothly from here!

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