Digest the Folly

1. My final form! The square lines around the form is the restricted size. (min: 75x75x75mm. max: 100x100x100mm)

2. CheckMesh and it says "This is a good mesh." Awesome!

3. Since we have to make this shape into an Architectural Folly, I decided to add the people in so I can work around it.

4. Since my form is not freestanding, I decided to trim part of it to create a flat surface. I created a cutting surface and then trimmed mesh.

5. After the trim, the base is hollow so I need to seal the opened edges.

6. First I used 'dupborder' to duplicate the edges of the mesh. Then I used that edge and created a surface. And before joining the the surface to the rest of the mesh, I 'meshed' that surface.

7. The surfaces are now meshed.

8. So everything is all good in Rhino, next step - export! So I exported it into "Magic" and checked it. It says that it's all good! BUT....

9. ......I forgot to tick the last 2 boxes for diagnostic! But that's alright coz it's all good! YAY!

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