Digest your Ring

1. With all the loops here and there, I decided to make a ring out of this form and so I placed my form next to a hand/finger to compare size ratio.

2. Since it's a mesh, I can't just alter a curve, so I turned the "curve points" on and deleted a section of the loop.

3. After deleting the points, I decided to 'loft' the loop for "a" finger to go in. I did an arched profile first and then the smaller circle profiles following the arch. This will help it align.

4. When I hit the 'loft' command, I then selected the profiles. After selecting the profiles, I aligned the loft so that when it lofts, it'll flow along the same path. - if that makes sense..??

5. In the 'loft' tab, you can choose how the tightly the loft should stick to the profiles. I chose 'normal'.

6. After playing around with the loft, I'm finally happy with my shape. So I fitted the "bride" with her "lovely" ring! ;b

7. Because lofting can only occur with surfaces, I have to mesh the surface.

8. I checked mesh and it says it's a good mesh but there are naked edges. And that's a no-no for stl. Time for fixing!

9. I used 'show naked edges' tool to...show naked edges! The light green lines are indications of naked edges. This occurs between the yellow and green mesh. The magenta is the back-face surface.

10. In order to close up the naked edges, I decided to get point to point contact.

11. After going through all the points, I checked mesh again. And I made it worst!!! It says it's a bad mesh!! So I looked up Rhino Help and check how else to fix it. 'FillMeshHoles' and 'MatchMeshEdges' weren't very helpful with this form. So I decided to split a mesh into multiple meshes and then join the points.

12. The white triangular lines are an indication that the mesh will be split this way. I changed the 'show naked edge' color to magenta.

13. After doing a few of this, I decided to join the 2 mesh together. This makes it easier to see where the naked edges are. You can see on the RHS of the screen a magenta line near the joining. So it shows that this process works but I need join this lonely naked edge.

14. A close up view of the joining area without any naked edges.

15. The complete mesh without any naked edges.

16. YAY!!! "This is a good mesh!" with out any naked edges!

17. After having success in Rhino, I exported it into Magic and did a diagnostic and WALAH! Magic!!


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