the Folly

on the week 4, 24 march 2010, we learned how to use top mod.

It was a little bit hard at the first time.. I have no idea how to use it.

So I started with primitive shape. Then I played around with that shape. Add handles, twisted it, extrude, and create a wireframe modelling mode.

Because I still exploring the program, i didn’t know much about the command that i have to use to make the shape that i want. In this week, everything I made is just a random idea with trial for using the program.

I really enjoyed using this program. They made 3D object really good. And it is so simple!! They don’t have a lot of command to used like rhino or autocad to make 3D.

The only one I hate is this program class a lot. Therefore, we have to save our files everytime.

Unfortunatelly, I lost my USB. I lost all my files that i’ve done in this week, accept the one that have been chosen to be print as a sample model of z crop powder printer.

The model that i made in topmod... I like it!!! It looks cool...

I openned it in Rhino and check if it a good mesh... And it said "This is a good mesh."

i saved the file into stl file, and then opened it in magics... It showed a lot of red colour, which not good..

fix the model with fix wizard until all checked

good model without red, the model is ready to be printed

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