the Folly

For week 5 a, before easter break, 31 March 2010, we have to submit the digital format of the Folly. We asked to make a model in 2 different scales that are architectural scale (1:50) and jewelery scale (1:1).

So I made another model in topmod. At this moment, I made the model following the idea of my pavilion. Finally I can used topmod to express my idea instead of trying and creating the idea while making the model.

The idea of this model based on the last model of the previous week that i like but have a really bad mesh. I prefered to make this one more simple so it looks more elegant. By using the similar shape and  same idea, then I create a different model that is more well-ordered.

First, I made the model on topmod. Using the basic cube shape, then doo sabin it. The next step was making extrusion, erasing some un-used shape and add handle with twisting, used dome extrusion mode for make the little ball at the top, and the last step was doo sabin the shape again.

Open the file in Rhino, and scales it into Architectural scale

But the model showed lot of holes.

So I tried to fix up them. I used dupborder to duplicate all the edges of the mesh.

And then used patch to create surfaces.

Look!!! All the holes covered... So the next step is to join them into one surface. But make sure all of them goes in one direction, if not, you have to flip it.

After finish everything in Rhino, saved it into stl file. Open the file in magics to check the mesh. Even Rhino said that your mesh is a good mesh, magics might not. I checked it used Fix Wizard command. And it showed one cross which is not good....

Using automatic fixing I fixed up my model. But Jess said that my model may cost a lot of money to be printed.

Therefore, it is better to cut the shape into 2. So I went back to Rhino to cut it.

It is cut now!!!!

But I had to close the open mesh now, which is the bottom of the model. I used the same method that I used to close the holes.

The next step is to check it in magics, it showed that all good. Yayyyyy!!!

I go back to rhino to scale the model to jewelery size. Then saved it to different file and double checked it.

The final step is to make a render of the model in Rhino. I put some people to make it looks more real as a pavilion. The people also giving the scale of how big the pavilion going to be.

This is how my pavilion going to be. It lays on the grass somewhere in the public garden.

Put the handle for jewelery. I make a liontin for the jewelery.

My jewelery render.

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