Heatherbelle Borysiewicz

From  previous  entry these two shots              show how I adjusted the design into the cube. The cube is the model size I need so as to produce the right scale for the Folly shape &  I also the did the same steps for the Jewelry size. The next step is to take the shape into the magics program to check if can be printed and that there is no errors in the file   The next photo is a screen shot in magics which I showed Jess and also need a copy to send to AndrewI sent the report  to Andrew @ RMIT so my model for the Folly can be printed on the OBJ printer. My jewelry i have used Shapeways and hope to have it soon it is in stainless can’t waite to use them Yes i wanted it to be earings. I then started Rendering in Rhino  have not ever used this program and could not complete it all during class time this turned out to be a new adventure but the end results of adding textures and the inserting the people has made some great results and very pleased with the outcome as the following images shows  different  textures created different  opacities  to my model                                                                                     The final part to the project was to Render /  Photo-montage my designs and here are the Finished Photo / Montage for the Folly assignment .

    Image 1:- Perspective View of Folly in Garden setting                    Image 2:- Right View of Folly design in a Garden setting         

Image 3:Had to put this in the dramatic effect of the black&white picture behind the Folly made me think how amazing if  the Folly was able to be inserted into a gallery space with a back drop of the Black&white photo in the background.   Image 4:- The final  Photo / Montage jewelry    

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