It’s autumn. A new assignment has arrived for us to study. This time is Penrose tiling it’s a kind of tiling featured on RMIT’s storey hall. I don’t have to explain where Penrose tiling is because it is pretty famous in architect and design world. If you Google ‘Penrose’, it will give all information that you need.

In this assignment, restriction has been set up by Jessica In, in order to help us in saving the times, so, here are the restrictions: Blending, Cracking, Packing, and Tiling. However, before we go further, we should choose a working mate for this project (so I chose Sulindra…unfortunately…^^), and we chose Cracking as our Terminology for our Penrose tiling, because it is a simply significant type of design.

We thought it won’t be as difficult as my friend said that we might load Rhino Script to run all the processes. So, after we are in the class and learn about the tiling and the terminology, I thought that she was right, we must Load Rhino Script to make this 3D models in Rhino, but thank God!!! The Rhino Script is provided, so we don’t have to be worry about the COMPLICATED FREAKIN’ RHINO SCRIPT…. (T, T) V

So, Jessica sent it to us and we just load and work on it…..YAY!!!!!!as well as Penrose tile (Kite and Dart)

Here are the progress of our penrose, which most of the processes are the same, so we don’t have to upload all of them.

1. First of all, we should draw ‘Cracking’ design, then we projected on the top of the surface of the Penrose tiling

it’s projected
2. then we trimmed all the useless lines that was also projected on our tiles, then we patch it.

3. We extrude the surfaces.

4. then FINALLY!!! we combine the sufaces with ‘Boolean union’ comment, combine, and we renderedit!

…if i made it into a jewelery piece…i think it might be swell..^^

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