Hybrid Technique model

As I started this project I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  So I began playing around on TopMod and soon I came up with another soccer ball type shape with what I like to refer to as “boobs” on it. Soccer ball with boobs. 😛 My folly was a soccer ball looking design too so I thought this could tie in well with that.

A very handy tool on TopMod is “Doo Sabin”. I don’t know what it means but it smooths everything out and makes everything look so much cooler.

So then when I was happy with my shape I opened it up in Rhino, made a block that was the same thickness as the Penrose dart from before and dropped my shape in it and trimmed off the ball part. It now just looks like a flower. I copied the flower 4 times in different sizes. I have now decided that this will be my mould to make many flowers from. I could cast flowers with latex, and colour the latex with dye and have different coloured-semi transparent flowers! Then I could also have some plaster ones, and put dye in the plaster too! The possibilities…

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