The Folly (part two)

I now have both of my folly models! My jewely scaled nylon one from Shapeways, and my 1:50 scaled powder printed one. I am very very happy with them both. I would have liked to get my jewely scaled one made in resin but the material sample on the Shapeways website didn’t look very nice. It wasnt clear it was all foggy and yuck. So I went with nylon because it was the cheapest and this meant I could get it made  slightly larger.

Here are some pics of my two follys.

This is my jewellery scaled nylon folly:

And this is the 1:50 scale folly:

Inside the big folly:

As you can see, the big folly has more detail then the little one.

I also decided to make a little stop-motion video of the two. And here it is:

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