01_Getting the Batwing

1. I started off by drawing a cube as a guide for my circles. I was thinking of lofting the curves to create the Batwing surface. Later I was stuck as to how to actually create the pattern.

2. I was really stuck as to how to create this surface so I googled, 'how to create a batwing surface with Rhino' and BINGO!!! I found this link that teaches me step by step how to create it: http://www.jotero.com/bilder/moi/batwing/

3. The video tut doesn't actually tell me the measurements or angle of the curves to create, so I just guessed, judging from the video.

4. After creating the most important surface, I mirrored it AND....IT DIDN'T JOIN!!! As you can see, there's a hole in the middle!!!

5. It took me a while to figure out how to do it. After leaving it for a few days, I finally figured it out! I set a screen print jpg of the desired form as a background in Rhino and copied it from there.

6. As you can see here my purple surface doesn't fit within the surface of the tut image.

7. I created the surface from the 4 curves using 'NetworkSrf'. I matched the surface pretty closely to the tut's surface so I was happy!

8. Once I've created the base surface, I had to mirror it as follow.


10. I'm so happy with this that I just gotta show another image of my prized success!!!

3rd mirrored surface

11. I'm so happy that I was able to achieve this Batwing surface that I'm gona show every single step I did from here onwards!

12. The 3rd Mirrored Surface


13. The 4th Mirrored Surface

14. The 5th Mirrored Surface

15. The 6th Mirrored Surface

16. The 7th Mirrored Surface

17. The 8th Mirrored Surface

18. The 9th Mirrored Surface

19. The 10th Mirrored Surface

20. The 11th Mirrored Surface

21. The 12th Mirrored Surface

22. The 13th Mirrored Surface

23. After completing all the mirroring, I finally achieved the final Batwing!!!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!


4 thoughts on “01_Getting the Batwing

    • No Felix, I did it all manually!! I had to trace the shape from a screenshot and that’s why I’m so bloody happy that I’ve achieved this crazy surface!

      I pretty much have all the steps in this blog so try it whenever you want!

    • Hi Torolf

      I’m revisiting minimal surface modelling and I just realised I didn’t acknowledge your website! So thank you sincerely Torolf for your instructions!


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