‘Packing’ on a Penrose tile

For this project, we were instructed to make a patterned 3D Penrose tile in Rhino. I had to first make a digital model of the tile which then is produced into a routed model made from a 3-axis milling machine.

In class we were given several options into what method of tiling we wished to use. I chose the method of ‘Packing’ which involves various sized circles created, compacted side by side. The circles are then offsetted at different width and then the outter ring is then removed, leaving circles that aren’t touching.

After this, I gave the 3 different sizes each a different colour and to add deptht to the tile, each colour has its own specific depth. I then extruded the circles into circular cylinders, that are then carved into my tile. Having different size and depth within my holes makes my tile  more visually engaging.

The circlular cylinders are them placed onto the tile surface.


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