Penrose Dart (part two)

Watching my dart be CNC routed was pretty cool. I took a video for you guys to watch but it was 12 minutes long so I sped it up…

Okay I’m having trouble signing into Youtube, Ill post it here when I’m able to get it up and running.

My penrose dart successfully routed. I’m glad we chose to do packing in the end because some of the really detailed ones came out and they chipped away because of the fine cuts.  Here is my dart hot n fresh out the router and ready to be cut out of the block with the hot wire cutter.

The hot wire cutter is a wicked machine. I had so much fun cutting stuff out with it. The foam just glides through like butter. To get the edge straight I had use a straight off cut of cardboard and tape it to the edge and just trace along the edge (because the wire won’t cut cardboard). It was my first time using this machine and it still came out a bit wonky, but its okay, I’m just happy it’s finished!

Penrose setting up for exhibition:

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