Assignment 2 – THE FOLLY

Part One
This assignment we started with a new program called TopMod witch we downloaded from
Playing around with TopMod is the best way to come up with designs and to work out how to use this
program. All your designs you start with a object and from this you can add shapes and handles to your
original shape.
The aim of the assignment is to make an interesting shape in TopMod, then export it to Rhino and then
use this shape to create a ‘Folly’ which is a building that is constructed purely for the way it looks, while
at the same time using the same shape at a smaller scale to make a piece of jewelry.
The scale of the ‘Folly’ will be at 1:50 and will have to fit on a bed size of 350X250X200H so that it can be
printed on the ‘ZCorp’ printer at RMIT

Once I had my final shape I then had to export it from TopMod to Rhino and make sure that it was a good
mesh so as to make sure that it could be printed

I then had to scale the shape up to the correct size so that it would fit in a box that was the set size that
we would all be printing at.

Once I had scaled the first shape to the smallest scale (this one would be the jewelry piece) I saved it and
set about working on the same exported shape from TopMod but this time working at a bigger scale so as
to make my ‘Folly’
The ‘Folly’ I was making required me to cut the original shape in half and rotate it so that it would stand
on the cut edge.

once I had cut the bottom of the shape off and I was happy with it I had to fill in the holes that I had
created in the mesh by using the ‘MeshPatch’ tool which detected the holes in the mesh and patched
them so the mesh was still able to be printed.

then once again, like with the jewelry piece I had to make sure that it fitted inside a box that was the size
we were going to be printing at

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