Assignment 2 – THE FOLLY

Part Two:

Once I was happy I had to export both the jewelry and the folly into Magics which is a program that can
help make sure that the shapes are actually able to be printed on the ‘Z‐corp.’ printer. Using the
‘FixWizard’ in Magics to ‘QuickFix’ the Inverted normals, bad edges, shells, bad contours and by ‘Maually
Fixing’ the overlapping triangles and intersecting triangles I made sure that Andrew was able to print my
‘Folly’ on the Z‐Corp printer

Usingthe same ‘FixWizard’ on the jewelry piece I also made sure that that Andrew was able to print my
Jewelry on the OBJ Printer

I sent both these files off to Andrew to be printed and in the mean time I worked on the renders of both
the folly and the jewelry in Rhino so that I could save the renders and move them into Photoshop and put
them in to some sort of context.
By also adding people into the area around my Folly I could show a sense of how big the Folly was and
like wise with the jewelry piece.

Once andrew had printed my models I went to go get them and with the smaller jewelry piece that was printed on the OBJ printer I had to use a tooth pick and gloves to remove  the excess material from around my print.

I was really happy with the final result of this project and thought that all the follies look great at the exhibition

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