Assignment 3 – The Penrose

The objective of assignment 3 was to introduce us to the subtractive 3D model making, using a 3-axis CNC MILLING machine.  In pairs we created patterned 3D tiles in Rhino, we used the same digital model to produce 2 routed models, one in foam and the other in timber, we were given specific geometric constraints in order to standardize the edges of the tiles, to allow for their connection in different arrangements at the end of semester.  we explored pattern and tessellation methods to design our tiles, with different themes such as Packing- As close together as possible. Cracking- Finding the center and then repeatedly dividing. Blending- Two or more geometries and Tiling- Finding the center and drawing a perpendicular line.

Heatherbelle and I chose the Circle Packing theme and set about working on a circle packing pattern and i would apply this pattern to the kite and Heatherbelle would do the same with the dart using RHINO
we made the circle patten by using a circle packing script file that jess sent us which we then had to load into Rhino Once we came up with a circle-packing pattern that we were happy with we had to make sure that all the circles were at least 3mm away from each other so that the CNC milling machine was able to drill them, we did so using a muti-offset script file that jess also gave us and offsetting all the circles by 3mm and then deleting the original circle. we also had to make sure that the smallest of the circles was no smaller than 3.5mm so that they could be drilled.

once we were happy with the pattern we each started work on our own i would apply this pattern to the kite and Heatherbelle would do the same with the dart

i selected a small part of the pattern that was enough to cover the kite and then extruded the circles. I did this in 3 different groups so that each group would be at a different height to make the pattern more interesting. Once I had extruded the circles I had to cap them to make them solid objects so that I could use them to subtract them from the surface of the kite that we were given.

once the circles had been extruded in their groups i used the “Flow along surf” command in RHINO to make the circles sit along the surface of the kite shape, and then using the “Boolean split” command I cut out the circles from the kite surface and hence imprinting the circle-packing pattern into the kite,

However this for some reason only worked for one of the surfaces on the kite and even with Jess’s help i couldn’t get it to work on the other two. finally i got it working on one other surface and was then able to mirror the other surface to complete the kite, but before it could be sent to Andrew to be cut the extruded circle shapes had to be deleted so that there were just the holes in the surfaces, this was done so that the CNC MILLING machine didn’t get confused between which circles it needed to be drilling

Once I’d done this I took it to Andrew to check that it was able to be cut and that everything was good to go.

he showed me a simlitation of how the CNC milling machine would make my kite tile

and once it was ready i picked it up from Andrew and as mine was the tile that was made out of foam I had to trim it down and cut off the excess foam, I did so with a hot wire cutter in the workshop.

and this was the final result!

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