The Folly pt.2-Jessica Wood

Ok, so I’d settled on a shape after lots of TopMod freezing and deleting work:

Now to make it real! The scale of the folly was to be 1:50 and had to fit on a bed size of 350X250X200H so that it can be
printed on the powder printer at RMIT. Then we could choose to make another at RMIT, or to send our files to an external company to be printed in other materials.

But first we had to bring the file into Rhino and do a ‘checkmesh.’ I like to think of this process as Rhino pouring ‘water’ onto the model and seeing if it goes in anywhere. If there are holes or anomalies the printer wont cope! Luckily mine was a good mesh with only very minor and easy to fix problems.

Then we had to put the file into the Magics program in order to create an email friendly stl. file and do some more checks and quick fixes.

I did a bit of mucking around in Photoshop to help me and others envisage this as a really folly as it would never be a at 1:1 scale… After this I emailed my file to Andrew Thompson so he could print my first model. He got back to me saying it would cost $76! I realised my scale was a bit ambitious and scaled it down a bit. My final powder model was around $25.  At the same time I scaled my model even smaller and sent it off to Shapeways, an online 3D printing company located in Sweden. They have software which instantly calculates where the files is adequate for printing and how much it will cost depending on the material you choose.

I opted for the stainless steel option with the intention of maybe turning it into a jewellery piece. Because of this idea I extruded the ‘legs’ of the model so they touched and I’d be able to thread it onto a chain or ring of some sort. The quote for this model was $34.

 My two models side by side at last!

And with some people!

Or as a jewellery piece?


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