The Penrose-Jessica Wood

The idea of the third project was to teach us how to use subtractive 3D processes, which is basically the opposite of the last project. Instead of building a  model layer by layer from a material the CNC milling machines take an existing block of material and cut away from it to leave the design. This means all sorts of restrictions on what you can include in your design. For instance the three arms of the machine are a certain size and cant reach down between narrow gaps (3mm minimum.) Nor can you create undercuts. The class split up into groups of 2 and were were all given 2 tile shaped on which to overlay our designs, the idea being to create one large wall piece with all the individual pieces. The tesselated  tiles were dart and kite shapes.

There were a few different reconstruction techniques to choose from. Doug and I were the only group to choose the ’tiling’ technique which is based on ‘pointset reconstruction.’

From the website:

What is PointSet Reconstruction?

PSR is the process of creating ‘higher level’ geometry from ordinary points. There are many algorithms which can be grouped under this header and this plugin implements some of them. The most famous examples are Delaunay meshes and Voronoi diagrams.

I found this great diagram on the internet which basically explains the process of creating a voronoi in Rhino.

First we started by making a series of random points on different planes in Rhino.

Then we applied the voronoi plug in to those points which makes a solid out of all the points but leaves paths between the points, kind of like a big piece of stone with lots of hairline cracks through it.

Then we ungrouped this and slowly removed sections to leave behind a really interesting shape.

To be continued…


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