The Penrose part 2-Jessica Wood

After using the Voronoi component of Rhino and coming up with a shape we liked our next challenge was to get it onto the tiles which the whole class was to use. One tile was to be for reproducing in foam, the other with jellutong wood.

The components of our piece were in 3 dimensions and we simply needed a section of it in 2D to project onto the tiles. We also had to make big enough gaps between the cells so the drill of the CNC milling machine  could fit between them. To do this we selected all the pieces and applied the ‘multioffset’ rhinoscript which will scale multiple items at once rather than scaling them as one object.

We had to take a section of the cells and trace them in ortho mode where the trace sits above the object on the same plane, then give these some depth by extruding them. The next problem to solve was to make the tops of the cells angled parallel with the tops of the original tiles. To do this we took the lid of the tiles and used it to intersect the 3D cells, then we capped them and dropped them back into the (now lidless) tiles.

We ended up having to repeat that process when Andrew Thompson showed us with the generated simulation of the cutting process that the valleys between the cells were too deep for the drill to reach between them.

Simulating the cut means you can tell almost exactly what the finished product will look like, what rout the drill will take and whether there are any problems like the one we discovered with ou cell height. Screen shots of the simulation:

Our finished pieces came up exatly like this, and after a quick trim on the saw and wire cutter they were finished!

Ours are the two tiles on the left.


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