Hybrid Techniques – Stamp

For the assignment 4- hybrid techniques, we freely can decide what we want to make. But, we have to combine both traditional and machine print.

So I decided to make stamps.

This is the design that I want to trace. I got it from google.

At first, I trace the design of pattern that I like to Rhino. Then, I convert the files into illustrator to be cut by laser cut printer.

Then, I used the spray to covered the stamp. But it did not work properly. So I covered it again with shellac.

I also made some trial for the laser cut. I made different scale of the stamp.


I covered the MDF with shellac to give more strength. So when I washed the stamp, the water did not go into.I made a mould and covered it with vaseline so the latex doesn’t stay to the mould. I poured latex into the moulds.Because the latex stretch when it is drying, I have to made some trial to make a nice one.Some of them stretch too much and pull the eyes and eyebrow apart.I poured latex into the moulds.

I stamp the pattern to fabric before I made the pencil case.

So from bigger stamp, I made emboss from paper and made paper bags.

My new handmade pencil case... yay!!!
My new handmade pencil case… yay!!! It have different pictures in both sides.
Another liontins..
Another liontins.. Actually the card box that I put into is pattern to make the detail. I used them when I made the pencil case.

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