The Penrose – The final pieces

Here is our final penrose peices. We had problems with them being cut. Our original design didnt work out to plan, and it cut into the wood more than we anticipated. We then had to get Andrew to re-drill the wood with larger and deeper grooves, with the hope that this would make the design a little more interesting. When we got it back from Andrew it looked like a real mess. Sarah and myself spent a great deal of time sanding it back and smoothing the edges. After this was completed we were plesantly surprised with the outcome. It ended up looking quite ok.

The foam worked out quite well. Because the lines were not as close together as the lines in our wooden penrose, it didnt seem to have the same problem and the drill cut it out as planed.

Jetulong Stock

Jetulong Stock

Foam Penrose

Foam Penrose

Jetulong Stock & Foam

Jetulong Stock & Foam

Our Jetulong Stock Penrose with the other Penroses at the Fabulously Fabricated Exhibition

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