The Pipe

1. Starting with a pipe template that Jess has provided, 200mm diameter at each end of the pipe and no longer then 500mm.

2. Creating the surface of the pipe using comnands such as 'Rebuild, Loft, Scale2D'. Manipulating the surface to form different scales in diameter.

3. Loading a scripted file to the pipe.

4. Resulting in segmenting the pipe and labeling for assemblage.

5. Placing the segmented pieces on to a 900x600mm.

6. Exporting the fabricated profile into Illustrator, ready for etch and laser cutting.

7. The Laser cuts pieces

8. Assemblage of the pipe.

9. Interior.

10. It kinda looks like looking up at a stair well.

11. Exterior Surface.

The End.

12. Complete.

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