Penny: The Pipe

So I begin my first post on the project: The Pipe, with the design I wanted.

It quickly became obvious this shape was not realistic when running the scripts. I ended up with several ribs with a thickness of only 2mm or so when considering the notches. After several attempts gradually decreasing the severity of the curves I came up with this design:

I ran the script and set the ribs onto two 600 x 900mm sheets as required. I trimmed each notch of each rib down to neaten the curves for laser cutting. I then exported the file into illustrator. Note: To do this type export in rhino screen. Select the contents to be exported. Change the ‘save as’ file format to an illustrator format. Preserve the model scale to 1mm=1mm. Open the illustrator file. Adust the artboard or open a new page to 600 x 900mm. Select the whole page and change the stoke width to .001. Click select from the menu bar> object and text. Cut the text (Ctrl + X) and Select edit from menu bar> paste to front on to a NEW LAYER. Highlight the text and click on Type from the menu bar> create outlines. This makes the text a curve so you are no longer able to edit text from this point.

With my file ready I went to the laser cutter.

 Some important things to note for laser cutting:

  1. The format for laser cutting a plywood sheet at 3mm thick does NOT CUT THROUGH. Use the format for MDF 6mm sheets which I believe may be 003 but check!
  2. You must deselect the text and etch that seperately as you can not program the laser cutter to cut/etch two seperate layers at once. From your illustrator file turn the ‘eye’ or visibility of appropriate layer before printing and designating cut formats etc.

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