Maria : The Pipe

very new to Rhino since I  used to always create 3D structures with Autocad so therefore im still getting the hang of it. Our first assignment was to create a pipe in any shape or form but it has to be kept in the dimensions of the given template (2oo mm in diameter at the ends of each pipe and 500mm long). Techinique was create a 3D structure in Rhino and then load script to get the verticle and Horizontal ribs with the correct notch sizes that can then be assembled together. the ribs are to be cut the lazer cut machine, as before i was also introduced to the lazer cut machine when i started this subject and found it quite amuzing and exciting and such a big releif as i was never a fan of cutting circles by hand. but this machine seems to be doing wonders for me….at the start tho i made few mistakes but later on i got the hang of it. one tip i learnt was always to use a higher number than the thickness of your material so it cuts all the ways through. eg – when using 3mm mdf set the lazer to cut 6mm. it saves a lot of time and material because few of my circles snapped when i tried to take it out from the board. after the lazer cut process i went home and tried assembeling it, failed miserably at the start but with the help of another person i managed to pull through. another tip was to have one horizontal peice and then attach a verticle rib then another horizontal then another verticle, that way it was faster . at the two ends i used rubber bands to hold the opposite verticle tibs together and i found this method more practicle because it held the structure together more firmly than using masking tape. at the end i was quite happy with structure because like i said before i was new to both rhino and lazer cutting.

These are some visual images of my process that lead me to my final design

After you get your desired cuts the pipe is almost there. photographs will be updated soon.  I must say even though it was a struggle at the start, by making heaps of mistakes i learnt a lot about all the programmes and techniques i was introduced to in this subject  e.g – Rhino, illustrator and Lazer Cutting…therfore take your mistakes as a learning curve not as a waste of time….:)

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