The Folly- Francesca

Second assignment: the folly


First of all, open Top mod and select “soccerball” from the objects list. Then remesh it using the “Root 3” command, and remesh it again using “checkerboard”. Three easy and quick steps and we get a nice form, with some geometric patterns on its surface. Save it as a .obj and close Top Mod.


Open Rhino and import the “.obj” file. Now we are ready to play with the object and transform it into a nice piece of jewel. I decided to create a pendant.  What I did was just extracting some of the mesh faces, and create star-holes all around my object. Type “Extract mesh face”, select the stars, and press enter. Done! Save the file both as a rhino file and as a .stl file.

3. Magics

Open Magics and import the .stl file. First I want to check if the model is watertight, and to do it I use Mesh diagnostic. Tools–> Fix–> Yes. The “Automatic fix tool”  fixes the model. Now my model is ready to be printed at, so I uploaded my model, I chose the material, I paid and at the moment I’m waiting to receive it.

While waiting for it to be printed, I made some quick renders and photomontage to show how it should look like. (I tried to make a color version as well).

4. THE FOLLY -Architecture scale

I divided the file into two parts, and I extracted the mesh faces in a different way. I always used the “stars” as a theme of my folly. Then I saved the file and e-mailed to Andrew to get a quote. I went to the HUB, I paid and here there’s the result !

I’ll post the photos of the pendant as soon as I get it!

I really enjoyed doing this assignment!

-Francesca Mariotti-

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