Assignment 3 – The Wave

Project 3: The Wave: Pattern and Texture (individual)

Worth: 15%

Due: Digital files ready for simulations due beginning of week 8’s class (15th September 2010)


The objective of Project 3 is to introduce students to the SUBTRACTIVE 3D numeric fabrication processes, using a 3-axis CNC MILLING machine.

In terms of design, the intention of the assignment is to produce a large scale installation for the whole class, with each student contributing in the design and fabrication of one ‘wave’ tile. Students will create the pattern for their in Rhino using a template file provided . Students are encouraged to explore different surface affects that can b e achieved using different tooling techniques (e.g. some paths using the bigger toolbit, another using a smaller tool, and /or several passes of different sized toolbits).   The aim is to test what different effects can be achieved using one design but multiple techniques.

Students to fabricate one tile with the following restrictions:

  • Size:  Each tile is to be 400mm x 400mm square, 100mm high.
  • Material:  Blue Foam
  • Design:  The same pattern is to be used for both tiles, with modifications as necessary to accommodate toolbit changes.

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