Penny: The Folly1

Once again I have found this model a bit of a challenge as I was unable to find a shape that I both loved without topmod crashing! But FINALLY, i did it!

After saving (approximately a thousand times to prevent it from crashing and losing it!) I saved the topmod model as an obj file I proceeded to open it up in Rhino.


The folly is the large model to the right sitting on a circular base. To create this I set a cutting plane where I wanted to make the base and trimmed (ungrouping the folly and typing ‘mesh split’ selecting the plane as the cutting path.) I then made a dome around the whole folly and used the previous cutting plane at the base to trim the excess dome covering the folly, then in turn using the dome as the cutting plane to trim that plane. If that isn’t confusing enough I had to insert one more plane to make the base of the platform and repeat the process! I am sure there has to be an easier way, but I am no rhino expert!

With the design out of the way I saved the file as a stl file and opened it up into magics. I had to use the fix wizard many times over before I finally got the all clear! 

The jewelry piece:

The folly:

 One final perspective shot of the models I am now eagerly waiting to arrive! 


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