1. Testing out TopMod & its commands (select image to view instructions/commands labelled on it). 


2. Selecting final model to work with: 


3. Saving the folly model as OBJ & opening it in Rhino as OBJ file. Scaling the jewelry model at the size of 50x50x50mm & architectural scale folly at a scale of 1:50 – 75x75x75mm.  I’ve also added a internal structure to hold the round together at its strongest points. 



4. The trim didn’t turn out because it wasn’t a sphere cut out and I used “apparent intersection” to trim. Could not trim because one was a surface and the other was a mesh. I converted the surface into a mesh, using the ‘mesh command’. 


5. We are now able to see the difference in the sphere, as it shows more of a gridded line. I placed the sphere at both ends for the trim. 


6.  I used ‘meshbooleantrim’ to trim both ends of the folly, after trimming it, capped the ends. Now we can view the interior of the folly better. 


7. Export folly & jewelry model as a ‘stl file’, Open in Magics, go to tools, selecting fix wizard, update, go to advised step, autofix, update. Save both stl file & a magics file. 


8. I applied a metal and glass material onto my folly in rhino, changing only the hue of the glass to the render. 


9. Final model. 


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