I heard him PIPE up from the back

Starting a week late into the semester I felt that I was a bit behind, especially reading all the e-mails to the class. However, I was excited about the upcoming challenges. I really wanted to get comfortable using Rhino, in whatever capacity and also the prospect of communicating blog style was something I wanted to get a handle on. It takes a while for me to warm up to something new though, hence the delay in jumping on board. Hopefully this is not too complicated.

The first assignment was to manipulate a pipe shape in Rhino which would then be realised in plywood form through a series of frames that were interlocked into place. My initial instinct was to emulate a new state of the art architectural structure. Using commands like rebuild, points-on and scaling, I started testing a multitude of symmetrical scaling across 1D and 2D, resulting in a few different forms.

However, once I got warmed up, I couldn’t help visualising the form of a woman, and not just an woman, but a ‘nude descending the staircase’.

I then started thinking about non-asymmetrical manipulation and simulating movement through the piece, I started rotating the x-axis before scaling 2D and came up with this form which I was quite pleased with.

This form was however a nightmare to use the script on for some reason, probably because of the overlap of the central axis. After a quite a bit of tweaking…

This worked out to require 3 boards to cut out the entire piece. Now, onto the laser cutter!

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