Maria 217 – FOAM

So basically in assignemnt 3 we learnt how to use the cnc router….we were given a file where we had to find a pattern and manupilate its surface by pushing and pulling the points on points on/off….

my patttern is an abstract image of a Swan in water..its a bit hard at first to see but if you get your eyes around it you maybe able to see it…but most importantly i learnt how to use  this printer which i thought would come in handy for my next project

These are some screen shots of the differnt tools in the printer

This one is the simulation process that occured from using tool #1

This is using tool #2

I personally love the second one as it shows the depth of the different lines…it almost seems like the outer curves are gradually disspearing in a very subtle manner and the swan in the middle has a very deep cut to it…also love the pointed areas of the lines in the middle in some areas….

I created this 3d texture by having the swan pattern projected on to a copy of the original template and pushing and pulling its points down so that it gives that nice depth to it….

This is a screen shot of my process in Rhino

on Rhino

 completely different to how i imagined the end print out…cant wait to see how it looks on Foam now…

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