When is everything due?

Class work projects: (65%)

All physical models: (1 Pipe, 2 Follies, 1 Wave tile and 1 Hybrid piece) are to be submitted at exhibition setup at the beginning of Week 11’s class, Wednesday 6th October.

UPDATE: If you are struggling with completing Assignment 4 (Hybrid piece) on time, you may submit it before the Exhibition drinks night on Friday 8th October by 5pm. You must however, know on Wednesday how big your hybrid piece is going to be, and reserve a place for your model when we are setting up the space on the 6th. The extension is only for the last assignment – Assignments 1-3 are still due on Wednesday the 6th October.  It is crucial that you bring these models in on Wednesday because we will be assembling them together in a certain way.

Portfolio: (15%)

Your folio should be a succinct visual diary of your progress (photos, drawings, screenshots, renders). It may include information and images that you have posted up on the blog.

Recommended Format: A4 Landscape, Colour, wire bound on the left short side, 8-12 pages long (about 2-3 pages per project).

UPDATE:  Your folio is to be handed in with your physical models at the beginning of Week 11’s class, 6th October.  If you are struggling to finish the last assignment, you may submit your folio before the Exhibition drinks night on Friday 8th October by 5pm.

Design blog: (20%)

Everything you do for this subject should be documented through images (photos, drawings, screenshots, renders) and uploaded to the subject blog. You are required to post a minimum of two blog entries per project. You are strongly encouraged to post up relevant links, and to comment on each others work.  The absolute last day for posting your blog entries for assessment is Monday 18th October by 5pm. You are welcome to post after this date, but bear in mind it will not be assessed.


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