Penny: The Wave

As always I seem to enjoy making things harder for myself so I decide on a pattern like this:

I tried to do a live trace in illustrator to extract the curves but the file ended up looking like this:


So I had to take the file into Rhino and trace over the top of the image myself. This is the pattern I ended up with:

In Rhino I projected the pattern to the wave surface. Adjustments were made to the base wave surface by turning on points (F10) and changing the shape to how I felt it best fit my pattern. I was basically aiming for the surace to peak at the centre of the circles and that is were the deepest cuts would be more frequent and consequently deeper..  I would quite like it to look like abstract ripples aross the surface.

The pink lines represent the cuts to be made on the wave surface. The blue lines represent the lines to be cut deeper.

The perspective shot shows the layers a little more clearly:

Now for a visit to Andrew to cut the wave!


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