The wave (process)- Francesca

This assignment was very interesting, because we had the chance to use the CnC machine for the very first time! I’m going to describe step by step what I did to get my wavy tile ready.

First step: I chose a pattern I liked and imported the image into Rhino. I traced line by line and projected everything into the “wave” template.

Second step: I checked that everything was on the appropriate layer. After that I went to visit Andrew to run a simulation. I chose to use both tool number 1 and tool number 2 in order to have 2 different depths in my tile. I wanted some of the lines to gradually disappear, and Andrew found the right solution for me! Here there are some previews:

Third step: Prepare the .ncp file that is a file with all the information to produce the tile. Now everything is ready! Just set an appointment with Andrew to get everything done!

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