Polly wants a folly? part 2

So now I’m back to the drawing board, and wondering what I can do to create an interesting form and at the same time be able to bring it to life. I continued to work with the rind tool, but this time thought of adding handles. Time for the real test. Taking the obj file into Rhino, I split the form with a plane just to see what it looked like inside. The split form revealed an tunnel like interior along the handle part and and interesting double interior with a cave like structure at the head. I  wanted to emphasize the two interiors, so I selected the mesh faces on the two layers and deleted them to create windows into the two spaces. Once that was worked out. I went back to creating my jewelry piece. I thought it would be interesting to work with the handle this time. Using the cage-edit function and re-building the number of points, I pushed, pulled, twisted and scaled until I got the desired effect – hence the name of Twisted Ring. Final step was to fix the forms in Magics before sending off to get them printed.

How would it look like rendered?

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