The Pipe

First of all, you need to Select two circle frame on top and on the bottom part. Then typeLoft and hit enter. You will now get a pipe surface wrapped around your frame. TypeRebuild to add more points in your pipe.

This points will allow you to play more on its shape. Type Points on/ press F10 your keyboard to make the points visible.

Select any of your desired points to shape on. In my case, I selected two horizontal row. Type Scale2d to create an equal curve size.

After you are happy with your shape, next step is type Loadscript, (Add-Select File (PipeRibMaker_JI_revF.rvb)-Load)

Click the pipe that you would like to make it in 2d form.

Enter number of horizontal ribs = 15, vertical ribs = 15, ribs thickness = 15, and enter material thickness = 3.5 (You need to adjust this number depending on your material thickness). In this case I use 3mm plywood. Increasing the notch size is important to get your model joints easily.

Import file to Illustrator and save as AI. Arrange you 2d pipe form in a 900×600 mm size.

Important note : You need to change your line thickness to 0,001 in illustrator in order to cut it. Otherwise it won’t get cut!

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