Hybrid Moonlight – Francesca

This last assignment is called “HYBRID” because it includes two different techniques. I decided to use the LASER and the LATEX for  my hybrid piece.

1. First of all I modeled a shape with topmod. Then I imported the object into Pepakura and got a outline ready to cut.

2. I Imported the file into Illustrator and then I drew circles of different dimensions. The file is now ready to be cut with the laser.

3. I used white cardoboard 1mm to cut this.

4. I cut the outline in 2 parts and started to glue the pieces together. After that I bought LATEX and I started painting the semi-spheres with it.

5. As you can see, the result is pretty similar to the moon surface, that’s why I called this project moonlight: it’s a lamp indeed.

Now I only have to wait the latex to dry, and then I’ll post the rest of the process.

Francesca Mariotti – s3263035

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