Lucky Last! The Hybrid Techniques by Truc

My collecttion of Sea Shell by High Tech.  and Draft Tech.

First I collected all the beautiful shells with texture and color,then I use Vac machine to create the vac form of the shell. Below are some of diiferent material in Vac form.

It is amazing that the vac machine not only form the vertical texture but also the curve horizontal patterns of the shell. You can see it if you look closely in my pics.

Then I used those vac forms as a mold to cast the shell.

First material is Wax

Here is my “Wax shell” beautiful with the texture^^

Another wax shell brother 😀

Someone ate my negative Wax shell 😦

And then I tried with Jelly. Above is the negative cast by jelly, one of my excited one :X ….You actually can eat it ^^ Lucky I made those after my dinner so they can be in the exhibition safety 😀

I boiled the white jelly with less water than the color jelly in order to make it more solid when the color one with more water came out clearer, looks like jelly fish or crystal ^^

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