The Folly-Jewelry Final _ Truc

Some photos of the Jewelry pieces and the Folly piece

I printed my 3D model in Andrew workshop so the model came out inside a soft plastic cover.Then I have to peel off all that soft plastic skin. I think it’s better since I understand how the 3D machine work when it print the soft plastic as a support base to print the actual model from the bottom to the top.

This picture is half of my actual model and half of the soft plastic cover. I need to peel off all.

This is the whole thing with the soft plastic cover when it came out from the 3D print machine ( I was so confused when Andrew gave them to me “I’m sorry this is not my model >< ” but then he explained to me what happened with them). It was fun when I slowly peeled off the soft plastic to find where is the structure of my model inside there.

This is pretty much done after the peel off and washing and cleaning up.

I have a couple jewelry pieces. One for female and one for male.This is the first female one ^^

And this is the one for male which is thicker and bigger a bit

Couple pendant ^^

Sitting together :X

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