Penny: The Hybrid

I began ‘the hyrbid’ knowing I wanted to make a lamp but quite unsure of exactly how to achieve this. What i had in mind was one of those spinning night lights you have as a child that spins and projects light/images around your room. So I went and bought a $30 rotating light and detached the motor and spinning components:

I made a base for the lamp using black acrylic and cut with the laser cutter. I had to account for a light switch and a power outlet.

With the base glued and completed I began with the lamp shade. I tried several patterns before I made my final decision. To achieve this I used a similar process as extracting the pattern for the wave. Beginning with this pattern found online:

I took the file into illustrator and did a live trace, then played around with it until it looked like this:

With the pattern ready I took the file to the laser cutter:

Now the difficult part was constructing the shade. I cut the polypropolene sheet with tabs to make it easier and neater to hold:

The rest involved a whole lot of wire, fabric and glue and some very sticky hands. I will post images of the completed lamp

3 thoughts on “Penny: The Hybrid

  1. I keep trying to edit the text that is not supposed to be running along side the first ‘rotating light image’ and it will not let me it is driving me crazy! And one picture wont show up!

  2. Hi Penny,
    I just fixed it in your post – you have to click the picture, then click the picture icon that comes up, and in the ‘alignment’ option check it to ‘none’. Also need to hit ‘enter’ after the text so that the image shows up on the line after the next rather than running alongside it.

  3. Ohhh ok.. I was hitting enter a number of times and it all looked ok until I would publish it. Alignment may help though! Thanks Jess

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