Wave outcome

After about 3 days after the file been sent to Andrew for CNC milling. Finally I got it! First thing to do is photos photos and more photos!

1. This is how my wave look from the top. As to me, it doesn’t create the illusion that I expected. It might because of taking a layer away or maybe this pattern doesn’t create illusion. The middle bit of the wave got broken while milling because it’s too thin.

2. This is what I love the most! I love how the deeper lines start to fade away and then appear again on the other side.

3. More photo with lighting added to highlight the details of the wave. As I chose to use Radial finish as we doing our stimulation, and what it produce is the diagonal finish lines (those thin one on the wave surface)

4. Photo taken after adding a human in to scale, to act as a space.

Overall conclusion, is not that bad that I will have not like the out come of this assignment, it’s just that I’m a little disappointed that it doesn’t create the illusion that I imagine before.  BUT, something really impressed me is that the sinking part of the lines. The joining part of the lines that shows the cut bit and the bit that sinks into the foam came out really well, more that I imagine. This is that only part that I’m proud of.

Kevin How Chin Chong



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