The Folly 1


The Folly is a project based around one design made in Topmod. The design is then to be taken into Rhino and manipulated into two different objects. One being an Interior Environment and the other a wearable jewelry piece. 

My design started off in Topmod as a soccer ball. I extruded multiple surfaces to create an object which turned out to resemble a medieval weapon. 

Once i was happy with this shape i opened it into Rhino and played around with it by slicing it in half and manipulating different areas. I sliced the object into quarters and the inside of the object was almost more interesting than the outside.

 For the Interior Folly I decided to box in the object in one of its most detailed sides so the interior space was jaggered.  

Once my design was complete in Rhino i exported it into Magics 13 as an STL file. I used Magics Wizard to fix any problems with my design before i sent it to the powder printer.  I did have an image of this but it has somehow got misplaced!

This is my finished Interior Powder Print! I am happy with the overall look of it, however boxing out the folly was expensive at $68. Next time i would reduce the cost by having the outer shape follow the Interior which would remove the corners and a third of the price! 


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