The Folly – Brooch


The Jewelry folly was a bit of a struggle for me! I ran into a few issues along the way but i managed to have a piece in the end i was very happy with. 

Starting with my object designed in Topmod i decided once i opened it in Rhino that i liked the way it was already and i would only add a loop for a chain to it and i would wear it as a pendant. 

I fixed my design in magics and sent it off to Shapeways to be made in Alumide. However 2 weeks later i still hadn’t received my pendant so i enquired about it and they replied that they couldn’t make it due to the wall thickness or certain areas.  Stressed! I had to redesign my folly using the same object in Rhino.

I decided to make a brooch so i didn’t run into the same issue again. 

To do this i Split the mesh in half using a rectangle plane . Then i chose what side i preferred to be the brooch. To flattern the brooch ‘scale 1D’  until it is not to bulky.

To clean mesh up use the ‘extract mesh faces’ command to remove any parts of the mesh which are no longer connected.  Use the weld command to smooth out all angles.  To create a back use the ‘planar surface’ command which will close off the underside of the brooch.

To save money on materials I rebuilt the underneath of the brooch. Turns points on and drag centre point ups. Leave edges straight for the pin to be attached.

Save file as an STL  and open in Magics to run wizard. Once it is all clear the file is ready to be sent to the printer. Because of a lack of time i had to print my folly in the OBJ printer rather than with shapeways. It was $29.


After the folly is printed you have to remove the excess mould that is left around the model. Once this has been done i soaked the model in hot water and Napisan overnight then scrubbed it using a toothbrush to remove all the remaining mould. 

I painted the folly with black leather paint. I think it improved the overall appearance of the brooch 100 times over! 















After the dye has dried glue the pin onto the reverse side of the brooch and hold together until dry.

Overall I am pleased with the final result of my Jewelry folly. I like this final design alot more than i did the original pendant design.  I would like to experiment more with different colour dyes. 


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