Cubic Hybrid

Choosing a simple 3d shape, a cube, each surface measured to 81×81. Every surface corner was edited to fit and join along side the other surface. I thought about the type of patterns that I could use on each 6 surfaces and how I could manipulate the patterns. The initial aim was to invert serveral patterns from the one pattern for each cube. I decided to do 3 different patterns, applied onto 3 cubes. This process of figuring out which lines to leave and to remove for it to be inverted. The next step was for the laser cutter to do its job! It took about half and hour to cut the pattern, I did several more cubes to test out other materials on it such as latex.

Taking out the off cuts from the pattern,  I repositioned the offcuts on top of the pattern only moving it to sit on the very edge then gluing it down. This process was done to most of the 3 patterns and inverted/cubes surfaces.

Assembling the surfaces into a cube.

Latex testing:

I had serveral cubes to test on so this is one of them, I first taped the whole cube with masking tape. Leaving only a hole, enough space to pour the latex in. I did not fill the cube completely with latex as it would of took longer to dry. I wanted to create a thin molded layer from each cube surface to make a whole yet hollow latex cube.

Rotating the cube for a even coat of the latex on each surface.

Sealing the cube up with masking tape, and rotating it every 10 – 15 minutes for the coat to evenly spread.

Latex took about 5 days to dry completely, so it wasnt quite complete for the gallery but I did wait for it to dry. This image below doesnt seem dry but finally opening it and letting air in allowed it to dry within the next day.

After a few days the latex does change colour and become more rubber like. I tried adding a light into it to have a different view.

Final pieces:


Builing Blocks/ Puzzle

Stamp/ Body art?

Or just a simple light box

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